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Follower Ninja makes sure your followers engage with your posts directly (no bots!).


Follower Ninja growth moves at the speed of TikTok"


We stick to the boundaries and rules that Instagram sets.


No bots. No gimmicks. No improper tactics.

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I use Follower Ninja a lot to increase my reach. 

JANA from Hamburg

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I can only say that Follower Ninja offers the best service.

NADINE from Brussels

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Not only that it is very simple. Melanie helps with special requests.

KIMBERLEY from Manchester

What our customers say

Increase your social media visibility. Followers, likes and everything you need.

Follower Ninja are true masters in their field. As a professional services company that sells to agencies and resellers, our goal was to publish high-quality, credible content that would appeal to our target audience in the design space. Follower Ninja was remarkably quick to understand our concern and has since been invaluable in helping us achieve this goal.

Kirstin E. / Social Media Manager

They understood our needs and were able to develop a campaign that would reach a large percentage of our potential customers without interfering with our daily tasks, allowing us to focus on our core business. Melanie is a true master in her field. I highly recommend Follower Ninja if you are looking to grow your online presence and build an aggressive network at a very affordable price.

Mike L. / E-commerce consultant

I've known Melanie and his Follower Ninja team for many years and reached out to them to grow a social media presence from a recruiting agency. We knew we wanted to grow our business and have more inbound leads rather than traditional cold calling to bring in new clients. With the visibility of the profile, this was now more feasible.

Andy G. / Entrepreneur

We do not use bots

Since social media algorithms don't like bots, using bot services is one of the worst ways to grow your audience. Using bots can result in penalties for your account and deletion of your profile. All your work is for nothing if you work with a simple click bot. When we serve our customers, we guarantee that real people with real accounts will give you likes and subscriptions. Follower Ninja is not a robot farm. You won't become a social media marketing leader by delivering substandard work to your clients.

We have a long list of customers

In our company history, we have fulfilled more than thousands of orders. In addition to our orders, we have helped over 50,000 customers. Many of our clients purchase our services again and again. Excellent customer service coupled with fast and reliable results has made Follower Ninja a leader in social media marketing. If you trust our social media goals, we can assure you that you will be taken care of.

Keep your own password

If you are worried about giving strangers your passwords for your social media accounts, you don't have to worry about security when you hire Follower Ninja. None of our services require your password. We just need your correct account name or the song you want our people to promote.


Follower Ninja offers a wide range of services and premium marketing for the major social media platforms. We don't skip any steps to maximize net profit. But besides our high standards, our service is also very affordable. When a customer buys a service, they can get the price instantly in a pop-up menu. Enter the number of likes, subscribers or song plays and you'll get an instant quote. You can set the price for each service before you buy it. If you buy standard services, you don't have to wait for a quote. We are known for having some of the lowest prices in the industry.

24/7 customer service

Our customers come from all over the world, so opening hours in one time zone are not important for us. FollowerNinja has 24/7 email customer service. If there are any questions or concerns, our staff can help our customers solve their problems quickly. It's hard to find good customer service, especially for an online-only company. But Follower Ninja cares about its customers. When you use our service, we ask you to wait at least 24 hours before reporting a problem. Our service starts quickly, but ends after 24 hours.

If you are a business, we can increase your sales

It doesn't matter if it's an online business, a brick-and-mortar store, or a restaurant; all businesses need social media. However, very few businesses have a media presence. Most restaurants, bars and cafes rely on Yelp to help customers find them. But having a social media that you can control will increase your sales and improve your business's reputation. You can use Facebook or Instagram to connect with customers and improve customer service. You can also announce deals, special offers and events. We can help you improve your business by adding followers to your Instagram or Facebook account. The more followers a business has, the more relevant it is to searches in its category.

Follower Ninja

Social Media Marketing

The reason why Follower Ninja with social media influencers so popular is that the fruits of our labor can be seen very quickly. We offer you a Fast delivery in the truest sense of the word. Within Less minutes after your Purchase we deliver your Followers, Likes and everything you need to improve your Instagram profile.

If you're worried about giving strangers your passwords for social media accounts, you don't have to worry about security if you're Follower Ninja you order. None of our services require your Password. We only need your correct Account name or the song you want our people to promote.

The Insert from Bot-services is one of the worst ways to grow your audience, because the Algorithms of social media do not like bots. Using bots can result in penalties to your account and deletion of your profile. 

Why actually Follower Ninja?

Why is social media presence so important to you or your business?

It should be known to everyone that there are is very important nowadays, to have a high profile in the social networks. Nowadays, everyone uses some social platform. Be it Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Linkedin or X. Each of your relevant target groups is confronted with it or has already had to deal with it. Whether it's using Linkedin for business, both on Instagram and Facebook to connect with friends and family, or succeeding on YouTube.

The users see a productt or a Service gladly before. They have found it before. They love to go through social networks to click and discover new things. 

Disadvantages: The competition never stops. While other profiles are constantly trying to become better, prettier and more popular, others are just trying to keep up. 

If you don't manage to build new followers and likes on your own in the beginning, that's where we come in. Thanks to Follower Ninja, anyone can now become a number one and build new reach. 

From now on, every time the user addresses you or your profile, he will be amazed. He will immediately get in a good mood and engage with your profile. We know exactlyhow important it is to have a high profile on social media. Profiles with many Likes and Followers or clips on Youtube with more views are more interesting than with less. We would like to emphasize that everyone has to decide for themselves. If you are looking for an individual strategy, send us a message and arrange a free initial consultation for a social strategy with our agency.

Now that you have thanks to Follower Ninja more Followers and Likes you have the so-called  WoW effect achieved. This way, visitors will also look at your posts before you really have to convince a prospect. Pick your perfect offer today and push your profile to the top of your platform. 

Free initial consultation

What's the best way to go about it?

Follower Ninja is very simple! Start by asking yourself where your current position is, where exactly you want to go and what exactly you want to do with it. want to achieve. Do you want only your Friends and Family impress or want people around you to think, "Wow, he/she has so many followers?". Or are you serious about building a project, business or career?

For example, do you want to Influencer become?

If you already have your own project or business and want to build your profile professionally and sustainably, request a free consultation with our team of experts. The Initial consultation is of course free of charge for you. If you just want to impress a little, it's enough to use the small services of Follower Ninja to buy.

Pay attention, not to order too much at once, otherwise it will look a bit fake. We at Follower Ninja randomly check the ordered profiles, but we can't analyze every profile in detail. We offer the possibility to make the desired Likes, Followers, Views etc. appear slowly after the purchase.

Basically: a well maintained profile with many subscribers and likes is the best start for you and your profile on InstagramTikTokFacebook or Youtube. Because whether you want to become an influencer or build a project, more people will automatically engage with your profile. 

As a company, it is also important toYou need to have an appropriate number of subscribers. Only then will visitors really take you seriously. Social media is very important for you and your target audience these days. As you probably already know, the success of a project depends on the right social media presence. Follower Ninja ensures this success!


Becoming an Instagram superstar isn't easy, but it pays off. Your first step on the road to Instagram fame is to get your first million followers, and after that, everything goes like clockwork. But getting there isn't easy, especially if you want to do it yourself. But with our help, you can become an Instagram celebrity overnight! For example, you can buy real Instagram followers to boost your organic growth. Follower Ninja also offers free Instagram likes to test our quality. Write us in chat

To the Insta offers

Which product is right for me?

Free initial consultation

Follower Ninja optimizes each product for you, so don't worry! You can also make special Notes and Wishes to ensure a flawless delivery. To find out, you first need to know exactly what your Targets are and which Priorities you set. Also, it depends on whether you have a private or a business Profile you want to create.

We'll also explain why it's so important.

Basically: The more followers and subscribers your profile has, the more authority your profile will exude. People who visit your profile will immediately feel a sense of familiarity.

And why? Quite simply, it can only be good if many other people have interacted with your profile before me.

To maintain this feeling, the contributions must be coherent. Contributions must properly LikesComments and usually get a lot of interactions on your profile. The more interactions, the more influence you get on the platform. No matter if it is InstagramTikTokFacebookYouTube or X acts. Each platform is the same. 

At the top of the menu you will find the biggest social media platforms. Choose the product you want there. Whether it's Instagram followers, TikTok likes or comments, for example. Be it reactions to your profile or Facebook subscribers. Follower Ninja  offers the most important social media 


Services for your Success and your social media. It's best to buy different products to complement your Overall picture to improve. If you want more followers on Instagram, you will get more likes. When you get more likes, you will get more Visibility have on the platform. And if you have more visibility, you will attract more followers. It's as simple as that. Using Follower Ninja you can quickly and easily buy more followers. This will help you spread your business or brand faster and generate more sales.

Let's say you have 20,000 followers on Instagram, but only 70 likes, and users notice that and leave your profile. It's all about likes, comments and followers. Make sure you build everything up evenly. If you still have questions, click chat or request a free consultation with our team of experts.

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We supply only quality products. You have 30 days free warranty on all our offered products. We work with Loom and record every order.

Free initial consultation

You will quickly realize that thanks to our help you can organic reach build up. Profiles that have more likes and followers are usually more interesting than profiles with few likes and followers.

To the products

We offer you a first class service

We are there for you around the clock! Write us an email or chat with us and we will immediately find the right solution for you. Our team of experts consists of experienced social media professionals. 

To the store

Not convinced yet?

What distinguishes us in contrast to the cheap suppliers 

Since we started working with Follower Ninja, we have more followers and greater brand awareness in the market.

We have 60 % more new potential customers and opened accounts compared to last year, which is a very successful metric for us."

Each post is creative and gets a lot of attention from our customers. The number of likes has increased, people comment and ask about our products and services. 


If you want to brush up on your social media skills and make sure you're using the right platform for your audience, I highly recommend attending one of Melanie's future workshops."


Frequently asked questions - About the service


Immediate delivery guaranteed

You'll usually see followers, likes and views within minutes of purchase, but note the product short description


Our 30 days warranty

We want to leave a lasting impression with our customers. If you are not satisfied with the quality or delivery of your order, write us a E-mail or in chat. We will refund any order that is not fulfilled.


24/7 customer service

Our dedicated support team is always available around the clock. If you have any questions about our services or encounter any problems with your order, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also call us at the service number 0049(0)40-28787592 from Mon.-Fri. 09:00 - 15:00.

More popularity on social media is a never-ending feedback loop. When you have a lot of followers, your likes, views and comments go up, and when you have likes and views, you automatically and organically get more followers. We're just trying to help you build organic TikTok reach as best we can.

Buying followers is the ultimate shortcut to organically getting even more followers, likes, and views. When you invest in your TikTok account, buying a limited number of followers can give you the quick start boost on TikTok that you may need in the beginning to make your account famous. This strategy is not only important on TikTok, but on almost any social media like Instagram or YouTube.

Followers of ours will not engage with your TikTok videos in the long run. We only offer followers whose interests match your content. Get our premium TikTok follower services now and reap the benefits. So, why wait? Buy TikTok followers from us and increase your reach in no time and go viral with your content.

Moderation is very important, but it is entirely possible to make followers look organic, especially on TikTok. All you need to do is buy in several smaller batches and let your account grow naturally between purchases. Feel free to schedule a free initial consultation with us and we'll be happy to advise you on how to build more reach with Follower Ninja. 

This way you can maintain a steady growth and mix purchased and organic followers. However, don't forget that you may also need to increase the number of likes for your videos so that your results look consistent. Nothing is more embarrassing than a fake account

After you've bought followers with us, you might be wondering what to do next. We recommend you keep up with the latest TikTok trends and video ideas. Posting regularly and keeping up with new dances and challenges will be the strongest catalyst for your success. You can also participate in TikTok contests, 

Yes. We have customized our TikTok follower package to do wonders for local businesses. Many brands choose to buy TikTok followers from us to expand their presence. You can gain quality followers from people in your local area, which in turn increases your brand's reach around the world. It's important that you post top content, among other things. Of course, it won't work if your content is not suitable and no one is interested in it. So use our TikTok Fans service and enjoy the huge benefits. Try it now! You can also order Likes ... Click here

All our services have their purpose. We know that getting followers is not enough. That's why we also offer instant views of the highest quality and of course likes for your TikTok account. Just like our followers, we offer you only the best possible quality and the fastest delivery on the market.

No! You can rest assured that we will only ask for your TikTok username and email address to send you a receipt. With us, you don't have to provide any other personal information and we definitely won't ask you for your password to complete the purchase. That would simply be unnecessary.

Scroll up on this page and select a follower package you prefer. When you know what you want, click the "Add to Cart" button to proceed to checkout. 

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to enter your TikTok username and verify that you have selected the correct package. On this page you can also change the number of followers. Once you confirm your selection, you will be redirected to the summary page where you can securely complete your payment using your debit or credit card.

We accept all major credit and debit cards: VISA, Mastercard and you can ask us for the PayPal link in the chat. You can also pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay? If you are using an iPhone or MacBook or any other device that supports Apple Pay, you will see a stylized button that allows you to pay quickly and securely. Just make sure you're browsing with Safari, or you won't see the button. Payments made with Apple Pay have the same security features as a payment made with a regular credit or debit card.

Follower Ninja is a real social media and online marketing agency from Hamburg. Our team has years of experience in social media management. We have a long experience with alternative marketing strategies and our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way. Our team is service oriented and has the technical know-how to provide you with the best possible service. Our products are quality products and not cheap products.

1. starting point: we specialize in selling Instagram followers.

2. challenges: Our challenge is to buy real followers and not just followers that increase a number, but followers that guarantee engagement.

3. realization: We have come to the realization that we need to deliver quality in order to succeed. Our followers are real people from all over the world who are interested in your company or brand.

4. today: Today we are one of the leading Instagram follower agencies in Germany and Europe. We deliver followers Instagram views from all over the world.

Follower Ninja is a company that aims to help people buy real Instagram followers. We believe that quality is the most important component for success on Instagram. That's why we offer our customers only quality Instagram followers. Our service is available in Germany and Europe and we supply Instagram followers from all over the world.

When you Buy Instagram followers we are one of the most popular services you will find. The Follower Ninja Customer Team is second to none when it comes to helping you achieve your Social media campaigne to support. If you want to improve the engagement rate of your Instagram profile, you can do it with Instagram followers or likes packages from us.
We offer you packages with Organic followersthat you can buy for your Instagram account. Keep in mind that you are paying for real German Instagram accounts to follow your account and not bots that would delete your account within a few weeks.
If you are looking for a lot of organic German followers and you want to prove that you have a lot of followers on all social media platforms, then you've come to the right place. Follower Ninja just right. Our team can also help you set up a package of recurring Instagram likes for all your posts and as many real followers as you need.
Instagram growth doesn't have to be complicated. Many think you're wasting money if you buy Instagram followers. The truth is that a large social media following helps businesses in all industries.
If you spend some money on followers, you have a Number of followersthat can keep up with most influencers in your field. Then you'll have an Instagram account that other people love to follow when they come across your posts.
Invest in your German Instagram accountt, because the new followers you buy make other people find your Instagram account appealing, which increases your follower count even more.

Instagram's algorithms are geared towards content that is already popular. So, in order for your videos to show up in users' feeds on Insta, you need to already have a high level of engagement. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult on a platform as busy and crowded as Instagram. A quick and inexpensive solution is to pay for views on Instagram Reels, and then Follower Ninja to help you with the reach of your content so you can build organic reach. Increasing engagement leads to more organic views and Instagram Likes. For most Instagrammers, the more paid views they have, the more organic views they get.

When you pay for views on your Instagram reel, you get the opportunity to get more views and interactions so more people can see the content you've produced that you work so hard on. IG also notices your popularity, and the algorithm will place your videos in more user feeds once it notices your new popularity. A higher engagement rate also leads to Instagram users being more interested in watching your reel. On the Instagram platform, Instagram users want to see the latest video their friends are talking about. You can also use your increased numbers as a marketing tool if you use the site for your work - for example, businesses looking to hire influencers want someone with an engaged and dedicated audience. With Instagram, you can become an influencer and get top advertising deals and be a brand ambassador. So the more likes your reels have, the more impressed they are with your profile and the more they are willing to pay to work with you.

The purchase of real Instagram Reels Views on Follower Ninja can help a variety of people who use the platform for a variety of reasons, and has many advantages.

The increased attention from more views leads to more new Instagram followers, likes, comments and also more IG hits.

All of these things lead to more conversions and leads for any business or professional venture.

When you Instagram Reels Views you can easily endear yourself to your target audience. Our Ninja team uses several strategies to grow your audience, and all the methods we use are extremely safe. With more Instagram Reels Views, you'll get more organic reach on Instagram and thus more viewers who will eventually become your followers and stick to the platform. Your reels may not arrive the moment you create and upload them. That's why you can buy Instagram Reels Views to get an initial boost. Please keep in mind that when you buy Instagram Reels Views, people see the high number of Reels Views and look at your Reels again, which organically increases your Reels Views. When people who are not followers view your reels, they may like them, comment on them and also follow your profile. So buying Instagram reels views not only increases the number of reels views, it also increases the number of your followers. These new followers, in turn, have a large number of followers who also view your reels. The truth is that once you buy Instagram Reels Views, you get more and more views, likes, comments, and followers, which leads to increased organic popularity. The more people see your video, the more people can share it.Your purchase gets instant results that are hard to duplicate by sharing your video.

When you buy Instagram Reels Views, you can benefit from many advantages. Below are some of the benefits you get from buying Instagram Reels Views. Improved brand awareness for you or your business. 

  • When you buy Instagram Reels views, you can promote your content to a large audience faster.
  • You have more chances to be discovered on Instagram Explore.
  • It helps you gain more user engagement and build an Instagram presence.
  • Uploading creative content will help you gain more followers for your account.
  • When you buy Instagram Reels views, your reputation is boosted.
  • The more Instagram Reels views you get, the more popular you become on Instagram.

The steps are simple to buy views for Instagram Reels, and it's a quick and easy process. Here's how to get more views in no time:

First, make sure your account is public so our users can find your reel. Choose the quantity you want - we have a package and price for every budget.

Instagram Reels Views 

100 Reels Views = €1.49
200 Reels Views = €1.99
500 Reels Views = €2.99
750 Reels Views = €4,99
1000 Reels Views = €5,99
2000 Reels Views = €9.99
5000 Reels Views = €22.49
10000 Reels Views = €29.99
20000 Reels Views = €49.99

Instagram Premium Reels Views 

500 Reels Views = €6.99
1000 Reels Views = €12,99
2000 Reels Views = €22,99
5000 Reels Views = €49.99
10000 Reels Views = €89.99
20000 Reels Views = 129,99 €

Increased traffic increases the likelihood that your video will "go viral."

With us you get your targeted viewers, because we know the platform Instagram and its algorithms very well. When you buy Reels Views from us, you get Super Hits. Like the entire Insta audience, we have quality users all over the world, including in countries that offer the Reels feature, such as the US, Canada, UK, Germany and many others. Our delivery process is fast, secure and simple. We also offer unrivaled low cost options. With our 30-day guarantee, you don't have to worry about your matches disappearing. 

Tired of not getting the attention you deserve? Then we have the perfect solution for you! Follower Ninja helps you increase your reach on TikTok quickly and easily. Just buy TikTok followers and watch your account grow in no time! You should round this off with a number of followers to match the number of TikTok Views and TikTok Likes. With the perfect mix, you'll convey authenticity to your TikTok followers and grow your account organically. What are you waiting for? Buy TikTok followers today and increase your reach!

TikTok is a popular platform where many people share their content. If you want to increase your reach on TikTok, buying TikTok subscribers is the fastest and easiest method. By buying TikTok followers, you can increase your account quickly and easily.

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. To be successful on TikTok, it is important to have a large number of followers. One of the most popular ways to buy TikTok followers. Buying TikTok followers is the fastest way to increase your reach on TikTok. You should round this off with a number of TikTok Views and TikTok Likes to match the followers. With the perfect mix, you convey authenticity to your TikTok followers and let your account grow organically.

There are many data points that TikTok's recommendation algorithm must use, but your follower count is probably the most important. The more followers you have on TikTok, the more credible you become when interacting with sponsors and advertisers, and the more often your videos will appear on the "For You" page also called fyp or with the hashtag #fyp.

Sure. It's important to us that you're happy with your purchase, so we offer a generous refund. We process each refund request manually. If you have any questions or want to request a refund, write us in chat or email.

We do our best to provide our followers with the fastest possible delivery. Your order will be immediately checked by us as soon as possible and then we will start processing your order as soon as possible.

Step 1

Choose your package

We offer a range of different packages from the most popular platforms to give you the best value for money for Instagram followers, likes - TikTok followers, likes, views, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, X. If you have a larger order or would like to discuss a customized plan for your needs, don't hesitate and schedule a consultation. free and non-binding initial consultation!

Step 2

Enter your details

We don't need any sensitive data like passwords or other secure information to provide you with your Instagram followers or likes, TikTok followers and likes, and from the other platforms. Just give us your username or post link from your content and your email address and we'll get started with your order right away. Please note: We never ask you for your information!!!

Experience the magic 

Your order will be executed

After you select your package and provide your account information (username only), you're all set! Our process starts with the magic and getting you the followers, likes and views you need quickly and easily. Please note: We randomly check for accuracy. If you are unsure, please send us a message.

Even after the purchase we are there for you!

You can always contact us after your purchase to discuss further projects and opportunities. We also offer social media marketing, as well as content and digital marketing. 

Melanie Loescher

Hello, my name is Melanie and I'm glad you're on our site and welcome to the Social Media Ninja community! We are happy to have you with us and help you grow on your platform. Whether you're an artist, musician, lawyer or whatever...., you and your profile are our focus. 

Make yourself at home and explore Follower Ninja - If you have any questions or want a free consultation then write to me.

Melanie Loescher

Social Media Expert, Head of Follower Ninja

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