How do you promote your brand on INSTAGRAM?

Do you want to have a profitable Instagram business account? Or do you want more people to see your product or brand on Instagram? If so, then you need to build a strong following that is truly relevant to your brand. Now that Instagram has 1 billion monthly users, marketing brands are looking for different ways to engage with the Instagram community [...]

Do celebrities buy INSTAGRAM followers?

Do celebrities buy Instagram followers? Why do they do that? Since it is already a big star, of course there are people who pay attention to it. But is that enough for them? No, they don't need to buy likes and views for their posts if their real fan base keeps them happy. But we all know that celebrities and Instagram influencers, even industry giants, buy fake followers.

Will buying followers still work in 2022?

There are many reasons why people buy followers. For example, if an influencer has more followers, they usually receive more money for the collaboration. Brands, businesses, and thought leaders may want to appear more respected by having more followers. You might also be trying to reach 10,000 followers to be able to use the swipe feature.