Do celebrities buy Instagram followers? Why do they do that? Since it is already a big star, of course there are people who pay attention to it. But is that enough for them? No, they don't need to buy likes and views for their posts if their real fan base keeps them happy. But we all know that celebrities and Instagram influencers, even industry giants, buy fake followers.

What are bots or fake Instagram followers?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for celebrities and influencers. There are a large number of users who interact through these platforms. As these platforms are used as communication networks, these influencers and celebrities face a big problem of lack of followers. These social media platforms try to use different strategies to increase their follower count. Sometimes they don't work hard and try different methods, one of them is buying Instagram followers. The result is that these celebrities end up buying Instagram followers to show large crowds on their profiles and boost their fragile self-esteem.

Controversy around the world

Kim Kardashian, one of the most talked about personalities on social media, has been accused of buying fake followers. To everyone's surprise, this is not the first time such accusations have been made. In 2015, when Instagram closed millions of fake accounts, some celebrities lost huge amounts of fake followers, Kim Kardashian lost 1.3 million followers, but unfortunately this is compared to Akon, who was in the first incident. He lost 56 % of his followers in the Lost Strike.

Top 10 "showbiz" stars with more fake followers:-.

Ellen DeGeneres - 49% (US chat show host)
BTS - 47% (K-Pop Band)
Taylor Swift - 46% (American singer)
Ariana Grande - 46% (American singer and actress)
Kourtney Kardashian - 46% (US media personality)
Miley Cyrus - 45% (American singer and songwriter)
Deepika Padukone - 45% (Indian film actress)
Katy Perry - 44% (American singer and songwriter)
Khloe Kardashian - 43% (US media personality)
Priyanka Chopra - 43% (Indian actress)
Therefore, many celebrities are accused of being fake followers just to increase the number of followers and show their valuable image. However, most of them have denied this accusation and insisted that their profiles were attacked by fake followers without their knowledge.

The dirty business of buying and selling Instagram followers and likes!

Selling Instagram followers is a huge business, and it's not illegal. Celebrities buy fake followers to boost their profile and fame. Buying and selling followers is directly proportional to fame on Instagram because when a celebrity buys fake followers, it automatically boosts their fame and charisma. If social media platforms like Instagram and X consider this unsafe and illegal, they must take drastic measures against the buying and selling of Instagram followers.

Final effect

Instagram removed millions of fake accounts, while X announced new policies to remove bot users and stop hate speech and political misinformation on X for privacy reasons. In April 2019, X responded to President Trump's report to X about its declining follower numbers by reversing its policy to remove bots and fake followers. Removing fake followers is a good decision as bots can pose a high privacy risk to any profile. As a follower of a bot, it can easily access your passwords and even spread viruses.